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Scroungers Results - Tuesday 3th July

Wed, 07/04/2012 - 8:44am -- admin

The biggest field of the year turned up on a brisk night for a friendly night of scroungers.

Rink 1: G. Hay, G. Havercroft, J. Symonds

Rink 2: P. Taplin, R. Miles, K. Hughes

Rink 3: R. Clinch, R. Havercroft, P. Vukovic

Rink 4: D. Symons, R. Varis, J. Bennett

Rink 5: M. Lethlean, M. O’Dea, V. Edwards

Rink Winners: J. Symonds, R. Miles, P. Vukovic, J. Bennett, V. Edwards

Final: 1. R. Miles; 2. J. Bennett; 3. J. Symonds; 4. V. Edwards; 5. P. Vukovic