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Scroungers Results

Tuesday 13-October 2015 - 9 Players

Winner: Wayne Daw. Rink Winners: Rod Brooks, Francis Hourquebie.

Tuesday 6-October 2015 - 10 Players

Winner: Joe Cunningham. Rink Winners: Jan Miles, Ray Miles.

Tuesday 29-September 2015 - 16 Players

Winner: Elizabeth Petrich. Runner Up: Jan Miles. Rink Winners: Francis Hourquebie, Rod Brooks.

Tuesday 22-September 2015 - 13 Players

Winner: Ray Miles. Runner Up: Jan Miles. Rink Winners: Cheryl Berndt, Alan Casserley.

Tuesday 15-September 2015 - 9 Players

Winner: Jan Miles. Rink Winners: Joe Cunningham, Ryan Havercroft.

Tuesday 8-September 2015 - 13 Players

Winner: Jan Miles. Rink Winners: Joe Cunningham, Sally Wilke, Rod Brooks.

Tuesday 1-September-2015 - 6 Players

Winner: Francis Hourquebie Runner Up: Geoff Bovell.

Tuesday 25-August-2015 - 17 Players

Winner: Lyn Forbes. Runner Up: Nick Reagan. Rink Winners: Jim Waters, Geoff Bovell, Mac Hughes.

Tuesday 18-August-2015 - 12 Players

Winner: Francis Hourquebie. Rink Winners: Joe Cunningham, Alan Casserley.

Tuesday 11-August-2015 - 11 Players

Winner: Alan Casserley. Rink Winners: Ryan Havercroft, Jim Waters.

Tuesday 4-August-2015 - 15 Players

Winner: Joe Cunningham. Rink Winners: Sally Wilke, Dan Wilke, Pat Wigger, Ryan Havercroft.

Tuesday 28-July-2015 - 11 Players

Winner: Jim Waters. Rink Winners: Geoff Bovell, Ray Miles.

Tuesday 21-July-2015 - 16 Players

Winner: Fiona Fletcher. Runner Up (tied): Ian Shaw & Francis Hourquebie. Rink Winner: Pat Wigger.

Tuesday 14-July-2015 - 13 Players

Winner: Ian Shaw. Runner Up: Peter Vukovic. Rink Winners: Alan Casserley, Rod Brooks.

Tuesday 7-July-2015 - 13 Players

Winner: Joe Cunningham. Runner Up: Fiona Fletcher. Rink Winners: John Gurney, Rod Simpson.

Tuesday 30-June-2015 - 12 Players

Winner: Rod Brooks. Runner Up: Ray Miles, Alan Casserley.

Tuesday 23-June-2015 - 12 Players

Winner: Eric McCurdy. Runner Up: Pat Wigger. Rink Winners: Alan Casserley.

Tuesday 16-June-2015 - 12 Players

Winner: Ray Miles. Runner Up: Francis Hourquebie. Rink Winners: Joe Cunningham, Jan Miles.

Tuesday 9-June-2015 - 13 Players

Winner: Alan Casserley. Runner Up: Stephen Coles. Rink Winners: Ryan Havercroft, Fiona Fletcher.

Tuesday 2-June-2015 - 9 Players

Winner: Geoffrey Bovell. Runner Up: Peter Vukovic. Rink Winner: Ryan Havercroft.

Tuesday 26-May-2015 -

Winner: Jim Waters. Runner Up: Geoffrey Bovell. Rink Winners: Stephen Coles, Ryan Havercroft.

Tuesday 19-My-2015 - 12 Players

Winner: Jan Miles. Runner Up: Fiona Fletcher. Rink Winners: Stephen Coles, Ray Miles.

Tuesday 12-May-2015 - 17 Players

Winner- Pat Wigger. Runner Up- Fiona Fletcher. Rink Winners- Jim Waters, Jan Miles, Peter Vukovic.

Tuesday 5-May-2015 - 16 Players

Winner- Peter Vukovic. Runner Up- Ray Miles. Rink Winners- Geoff Havercroft, Alan Casserley.