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Ray Pride "Old Bowls" Classic Results

Mon, 01/21/2013 - 4:25pm -- admin

Yesterday afternoon saw the inaugural running of the Ray Pride “Old Bowls” Classic.

A field of 10 teams took to the green for three games of drawn pairs, with $600 up for grabs owing to the generous sponsorship of Ray Miles, Perry Brown and David Mortley.

The challenge of playing with a random combination of wide-turning old bowls made for some very average heads.

Ray Pride was overheard to say “I can’t get the things to turn” as he delivered a pink Aero bowl, though no-one else in the field seemed to have the same problem.

Going to the last game there were three undefeated teams all in the hunt for the lion’s share of the spoils.

        First Place ($200) - Ray Miles & Ken Pride (3 Wins + 15 shots)
        Second Place ($150) - Peter Taplin & Rob Campbell (2 Wins + 14 shots)
        Third Place ($100) - Irene Groves & Mark Petrich (2 Wins + 13 shots)

Round Prizes:
        First Round ($50) - Mike Dodd & Perry Brown (10-2 victory)
        Second Round ($50) - John Percival & Vicki Edwards (10-4 victory)
        Third Round ($50) - Keith Hay & Mick McRae (11-4 victory)

Following the day’s play all participants were treated to a BBQ dinner prepared by Tony Percival and salads prepared by Carol.

Given the success of yesterday’s event, next year’s running is bound to be bigger and better.

Photos:  http://www.spbc.com.au/?q=old-bowls-classic